Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cake pops

I made some treats for my friend's baby shower today. She's having twin boys so the theme was Dr. Seuss because of Thing One and Thing Two. I googled Lorax tree cake pops because I knew I had seen a picture out in blogland somewhere. And what do you know? Pintrest came to the rescue...again. So the picture on the left is from the tutorial on The picture on the right is how mine turned out. Awesome huh? The report from my friends at the baby shower was they were cute and tasted really good, unlike some cake pops they had previously. Yes, they did taste good, I admit the baking part isn't rocket science.....but the decorating part is a WHOLE other ballgame. My chocolate was in no way moldable with a toothpick like the tutorial said it would be. I finally just gave up trying to make them cute and slapped them all together. It was almost 1am before I was finished and went to bed last night....and I didn't even finish them, I just gave up with like 8 left to I have 8 undecorated cake pops in my freezer. I might just eat them myself because the cake part was delicious. Through this experience I realized making cute baked goods is not my talent. I would rather sew a quilt with my eyes closed than make any more cake pops. A loaf of bread or muffins, even a bundt cake are easy enough to do because they don't have to look cute...they just taste good. I consider this an apology to all of my children for future cake wrecked birthday cakes and school treats. But I couldn't resist poking a little fun at myself with this comparison. Enjoy the fun with me!

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Melonie said...

you should not be so hard on yourself. i would bet if u make them again it would take less time. learning is always work but you can't give up and stick with what u know. then u will never grow. i loved them and i am proud of you for trying something new. keep doing it!