Monday, April 29, 2013


This morning I was able to read in the Book of Mormon for a few minutes. Most of the time when I read I like to just open up and start somewhere, like pointing my finger on a page with my eyes closed. Enos was the reading of choice by that method this time. It's been a while since I have read his account of his people...and what an amazing experience he had! While reading I had the thought, or reminder rather, that the prophets are incredible men of God. All of them, past and present, have special gifts that help them magnify their calling as the leader of our church. While the people themselves- yes even the prophet- are not perfect, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect. It is now and it always has been, even in the days of Moses, Noah, and Adam. I was reminded how important it is for me as a parent to teach my children to be as much like our Savior as they can. That means I need to do better at leading them by my example. I need to yell and be impatient significantly less. I need to be quick to love. I need to be more patient and understanding with all of our children, especially the two youngest who don't have the capability to express themselves verbally in a way I can understand most of the time. I know Brady and I struggle frequently with this and so much more as we raise our children. We can both do sooooo much better to exemplify the teachings of the prophets. I have realized that although we have our struggles, any step in the right direction is far better than doing nothing at all. So today I am striving to do better, to be kinder, more loving, less irritated, less stressed. I think step-by-step progress is what keeps us on the right path.

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