Friday, May 3, 2013

Baseball games

Ammon slugging

Ammon running home

Zenock running home

Playing "pitcher" which really means just stand by the coach and if the ball comes to him he's supposed to throw to first base.

This is how Ayla watches baseball. Brady was watching Ammon's game right behind us. Gideon was having a blast running back and forth between us. It's really nice to have both boys playing games at the same time because then we aren't at the ball park for over two hours. The younger ones get bored with that really fast. It's fun to tag-team watching the kids games. Next week's games aren't at the same time, so we'll probably have a picnic dinner of pb&j at the park.

This is how Gideon watches baseball. He mooches the good stuff...anything Mommy has even if it's just a big mug of ice water. It's still tastes better from Mom's cup than his.

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