Friday, May 10, 2013

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation is this week, and I've seen some cute stuff all over the internet....but it was all dumb, cheap stuff that will just end up in the trash eventually. Zenock's teacher doesn't eat junkfood or soda, so anything cutesy with that was out. I saw someone selling 4x4 wood blocks with these words on them and stacked on top of each other and tied together with some tulle. I like my version better! I stained all the wood, used my silhouette to cut out all the vinyl, sealed it all with some varnish after the letters went on, and put eye screws and chained it all together. The boys each signed the back for their teacher. I got all the supplies and started staining on Tuesday night, just finishing the chain last night after dinner. I felt like I was hurrying up to wait for the stain to dry for days....which I was haha. Brady cut all the pieces and predrilled all the holes for me. I couldn't have completed this on time if he didn't help I am very thankful for my handy husband and his tools. I hope the teachers like it as much as I do.

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