Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wetlands Nature Center

My friend Sam and I walk the trails at Duck Creek not far from our houses. On the trails one day last week we saw a jackrabbit and some ducks chasing each other. Okay, so really one bully duck chasing after all the other ducks in the pond. They have three turtles in the pond too. Gideon likes to throw whatever snacks he has in the stroller down the railing for the ducks. This day the ducks enjoyed Kix. They wouldn't touch the cherrios for some reason.

The county recently finished a nature center in the middle of all the trails and wetlands. We took the little kids we had with us to check it out.

They have all sorts of buttons and activties to do. There's even a section to identify animal poop. I only got half of my guesses right on that one. I also learned there are beavers at the wetlands...I had no idea Vegas was an appropriate climate for beavers.

Toddler area with animals to climb on. Gideon didn't like the snake very much, even when I was sitting on it.

Playing in the rocks outside the center. I was really trying hard to take a good photo of him to hang on our wall....this one is the best I got.

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