Friday, June 7, 2013

Random stuff

Gideon has a couple of new words...sort of. He says bulldozer. It sounds like bodunana. He says ice which sounds like aye. He also says that word for fry. He calls Ammon, Zenock, motorcycle, and anything else I try to get him to repeat dena (with a short e sound).

On the last day of school we picked up dinner at Sonic (they have $1.99 kids meals on Wednesdays) and took it to the airport to eat dinner in the van and watch the planes take off. Everyone loved it. Brady gave Ayla her first french fry....she loved it. I gave her one today and she devoured it. In fact, when I didn't give her another one she got mad at me and started yelling and grabbing the table until I gave her another fry. I think she may have inherited my love of french fries.

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