Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Swimming lessons

Ammon is in level 4, learning different strokes like the back and butterfly. He swims across the pool from 4 ft to 10 ft multiple times during his lesson. He has only one other classmate.

Zenock is in level 1. He's much less confident in the water than Ammon, but I think he loves playing in it more than Ammon. He's learning ice cream scoops, stream lining,and monkey crawling.

Click anywhere on this sentence to go to our youtube channel to see the videos of the boys saving a lifeguard.

Everyone's favorite part of swimming lessons is jumping in the pool.

I think these two would rather be in the water with everyone else than in the stroller by me. It's a tough 40 minutes to keep them entertained when all they want to do is run away from me.

One of Zenock's favorite games, motor boat motor boat. They practice kicking fast and slow in the water.

The caterpillar game....going from the shallow end all the way to 10 ft deep. Zenock's swim class is huge with seven kids.

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