Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter fun

 Dyeing eggs.

 She kept getting on the table and licking the eggs, followed by a sour face since I put vinegar in the water.
 All the eggs are dried and decorated Angry Birds style
 The Easter loot. We got the kids some reusable super hero cups, the babies new water bottles, some star wars eggs (and a princess one for Ayla), a sticky/stretchy thing, some good candy, matching ties for the boys, and a water balloon filler-upper-pumper-thing. I also got everyone two kinds of Cadbury eggs. I swear I have never eaten one before, so this year we tried them to see which ones tasted better. The final verdict is: creme filled 0 - caramel filled 1. My life is now complete.
 Ayla's maxi dress I made her
 Our matching ones. My front ruffles are different than hers, but in this picture it's hard to tell.
 Some of the kids insisted on a mini photo shoot with Ayla. We all love this cute little lady of ours :)


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