Saturday, April 12, 2014

Zombie Paintball

Last night for our 7th of 10 dates for 10 years we went zombie hunting at Combat Paintball. Because we were shooting at people dressed like zombies, they had us use paintball guns made without CO2 cartridges. That means the balls don't have much it wasn't quite as accurate as I wanted. Brady ended up getting shot in the back by friendly fire, but it wasn't by me, in fact, I didn't even think about shooting him...but now I wish I would have :)
On the way to Combat we stopped at a place we have never tried for dinner. Rubios is a fresh Mexican food place. I had the classic trio: one taco each of classic fish, shrimp, and tilapia. The shrimp taco was my favorite because they put avocados on it and I would have never put those two things together, but in a taco it was delicious. Brady had a classic chicken burrito.
Because the Zombie experience was so short, only 15 minutes of shooting time, we had time to go get ice cream after on the way home. We were gone 2 hours exactly, which may be the shortest time ever.....but we had a blast. A huge shout out goes to Brady's mom and step dad for watching our kids for us!!!

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JordanDorkin said...

I also love to play Zombie Paintball. I love to do such kind of things. Very entertaining activity.