Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Homework Central

Last night at the Lindsay's:
Gideon has a preschool homework packet that is supposed to last all month long. It's about 15 pages front and back. Well.....last night he got the ambition to do some and kept on going. He ended up doing the WHOLE packet in an hour and asked for more. When I informed him there wasn't any more to do, he said, "NO MOM! MORE HOMEWORK!" We compromised by having him re-color a few pages.
It's ironic because every day this month we have asked him if he wants to do homework. The first time he said yes, but only did one page. Since then it's been a big fat, NO every day. I wonder what made him change his mind?
And then we have the chaos...aka, Ayla. The chaos that was here during that time was so exhausting. Everyone needed help, and Ayla wanted to steal everyone's pencils and draw all over their papers. Next time, I'm just going to lock her in the high chair from the beginning until everyone is done. (She will be super mad at me for a while for how long I have to leave her in there, I'm sure). And for the record, in the photo Ayla is eating crayons while "coloring" on her own paper.


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Lifes Little Adventures said...

I have a little chaos of my own. LOL! Gotta love those little ones!