Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas day

This year we did 4 gifts for the kids. Something to wear, read, want, and need. Here is what they got, since I didn't get a photo of each of them this year.
Ayla: books, floor pillow, doll bed with bedding that we made her, and an outfit. She also got a fuzzy feely book, a dress, doll stroller, and How to train your Dragon 2 from grandparents.
Gideon: books, underwear, train tracks and a big bucket to store them in, and an outfit. From grandparents he got a tractor book, an outfit, and Planes Fire and Rescue movie.
Zenock: shark books, underwear, toothless the dragon that I made, and an outfit. From grandparents he got some books, an outfit, and Battleship the game.
Ammon: Beyonder's series, underwear, outfit, and an alien sphere remote control thingy. He got Olympians series #5, and outfit, and Apples to Apples Jr from grandparents.
Brady got an early one on Black Friday: a new grill. He also received a book, gift card to Smashburger, can opener, and a shop vac. I got some pampered chef tools, slippers, bluetooth headset thingy for my phone, gift cards to In N Out and Del Taco, and a Joann's gift card. 
For this gifts from/to siblings I decided to have them all get something creative. Ammon and Zenock got some kits to build stuff so they can pass off some things for scouts. Ayla got some wooden puzzles to help her with speech therapy. Gideon got some lacing cards to help with fine motor skills. 
In the kids stockings they got a few treats, a movie, and a small game. We are now proud owners of UNO, a game the older boys have been asking for for a while now. I realized next year we have to redo our stocking hanger and add another one for the baby. Which means I get to make another cute stocking!
 Perhaps the most favorite gift of all this year was the fart gun from my parents. ALL the kids love playing with it...and Ayla's giggles about the farts are my favorite.
I absolutely loved doing Christmas this way for everyone this year. We made piles for each of the kids so it wouldn't be such a madhouse opening presents, and then that way Ammon and Zenock could just open their stuff and not have to take turns with the little kids. 

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