Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Shooting Pumpkins

We finally took our Halloween pumpkins out to the desert for some target practice. Ayla stayed at Grammy's house and played. Gideon and I were in the van most of the time, as I can't shoot a firearm since I am past 12 weeks pregnant. Ammon brought his bb gun. Zenock brought his bow. We took Jerry, Brady's stepdad, with us, and a friend from our ward who had never been shooting before. It was a pretty relaxing morning, complete with loads of sunshine.
 Rose trying out shooting for the first time. This one is the .22 rifle
 Ammon with the .22
 Zenock with the bb gun
 Ammon and the .22 again.
 Zenock and the bb gun again.
 Zenock trying his bow for the first time.
 Getting closer to the targets means they might actually hit it!
 Jerry trying out Brady's 9mm
And Mr. Poser with me playing in the van. He discovered the glove box up front and found a box of gum. He was pretty darn pleased for doing it all himself. He is getting quite articulate in his vocabulary now, so we had a great discussion going most of the time...I wish I could remember all the cute things he was talking to me about.

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