Sunday, January 25, 2015

It's almost over...

In about 12 hours from now we get to meet our handsome little man. While we have yet to finalize his name, I am getting really excited for a few things (in no particular order):
no more heartburn
no more itchy feet
no more punches to the bladder
seeing my feet again
being able to paint my own toenails
seeing the color and quantity of his hair
quiet time with just him and I in the hospital
watching Brady get peed on when he changes a diaper :)
smelling that wonderful baby scent whenever I want!

Things I will probably miss about being pregnant:
fetal kicks and hiccups
my big belly
having an excuse to ask for a foot/back rub often

I'm really, really nervous...and excited for tomorrow morning to come. We report to the hospital at 7:30am and have the OR scheduled for 9:30am. After that, we will be parents of a newborn again!!

I had to have him 2 weeks earlier than planned because I developed a liver condition called cholestasis, which basically means my liver started working to hard at the end off the pregnancy. If he would have delivered on the 9th like planned both he and I could have serious complications, so delivering at 37 weeks 3 days it is. 

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