Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rydon Himni arrived on January 26, 2015

 Last prego photo....looks like the surgical tech tried to get in it too.
 Ready for the action
 And he arrives! 10:45 am. 6lbs 7 oz. 19 inches long.

He was nameless for almost 24 hours! Rydon comes from a character in the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan (Brady's favorite author)
 We are ready to go home today!
 Ayla is in love with him! I told her what his name is, and she keeps insisting his name is Baby.
 Ammon meets Rydon after school
Zenock meets Rydon today
It took Gideon until after dinner to finally decide he wanted to hold Rydon.

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Lifes Little Adventures said...

Keiza, you and Brady did it again! He is a beautiful little man! Congratulations!