Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pinewood derby

Zenock's first ever Pinewood Derby race. His car is the blue one. It looks like The King from Cars.

This race is the first race of the last season of Pinewood Derby for Ammon. He tried really hard this year to make a car that would win first place.
Zenock got a turn to announce the race.
Ammon announcing the race
There were several siblings racing. The brothers got to do a race just between them, head to head.

Announcing the WINNERS!

The boys had a great time. They designed the cars, Brady helped them cut out their cars, they did the initial painting, I helped them find the right decals they wanted and did the weights and final detail painting. I also had to re make Zenock's spoiler because the one Brady cut out of wood was lost thanks to a certain little girl in our family. I racked my brain trying to figure out a way to put one on his car without using wood. I ended up gluing three note cards together and then cutting and gluing to the car, much like paper doll least that was the thought process in my head. After painting the spoiler and coating the whole car in modge podge, I have to say it looked pretty darn good. We are very proud of the boys and how much they love scouts. I think my favorite part of the whole experience was watching Zenock walk back to us after getting his award for first place. He was literally beaming from ear to ear. It was adorable! It isn't often that he ends up doing something better than Ammon.

 First place!! The King
Fourth place!! Manchester United soccer team

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