Friday, February 19, 2016

Surgery and a skunk

Today Rydon had tubes pot in his ears. The surgery went great. Dr. Goll did a great job. Three of the post op nurses I talked to were LDS which was fun. One of them knows a friend in my ward. Also today Rydon's skunk costume came in the mail. I found it half price on Amazon, which is awesome because I've been looking at it for several months. Watching him crawl in it is so stinking cute. We decided today to be Peter Pan characters for Halloween so he could wear it several times. Originally I bought it just because I wanted to watch him crawl around in it just for fun. Now that it has a purpose I'm even more thrilled. We have many more months to work on the rest of the costumes: captain hook, Wendy, tinkerbell, Mr smee, Peter, and convince Ammon to join in the matching fun too.

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