Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am trying to copy and past an email my dad sent me this morning, but it's not working. So I will just have to describe it. There were a bunch of pictures of animals, mostly cats, with captions like: I am so glad I'm not an only child. Have you ever seen porcupine babies? It gives a hole new meaning to labor pains. Anyway, for just about every picture Zenock said, "Oh, cute!" It was really funny. He says some of the cutest things sometimes. I think my favorite is when he runs around the house when he wakes up shouting, "Breakfast Time!!" but it comes out efass time. It kind of makes up for the frequent two-year-old tantrums...which leads me to another story.

It's funny and dumb now, but at the time I was pretty upset. All day Tuesday Zenock was having fits about the dumbest things. He wouldn't eat lunch and got upset when I wouldn't let him have a treat. He then thought it was naptime and had a fit when I said it was too early to take a nap. Then he was grumpy when he woke up...and after dinner came the biggest tantrum because Brady wouldn't let him have a bottle before bed since he didn't eat his peas. Well, I had had enough whining and crying so I kicked the kitchen cabinet to get his attention. And then my foot started hurting. The next moring I had a very hard time walking so when Brady got home from work he took me to the doctor. I had very first broken bone xray...and my foot isn't broken, just bruised inside pretty bad. So some advise to parents with toddlers...don't go kicking stuff when you are mad because it doesn't do any good anyway. I feel so dumb for even throwing a tantrum of my own, but at least my foot is starting to feel a little better.

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