Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just catchin' up

It's been a short couple of weeks. Brady and I are already back into another quarter of school, but thankfully it is almost my last one. The funny thing is that we are both taking a diversity class, but geared for our individual programs, so although it may be the same material, it is designed for completely different professional settings. I am already looking forward to March when school will be over.

Tomorrow I am picking up my gingerbread house from the museum, so hopefully I will remember to take a picture of it to show you my first attempt at this Christmas tradition. I think that next year I will buy one of those premade boxed houses because it is just too much of a pain to measure and cut and piece together a house from scratch. But for my first time, I think I did okay. When we went to the display for family home evening several weeks ago we saw some awesome gingerbread designs. Ammon's favorite was the merry-go-round with animals on it. My favorite was the one with two stories and windows all around so that we could peek in to see all the things going on inside the house. It was fully decked out with a tree, living room, kitchen, and some other things I can't remember right now. If I had the forethought and time to plan something like that I think it would be a fun and challanging undertaking.

Next week Brady gets to go out of town with my dad to Larimie, Wyoming to order parts for a big job at one of the church buildings there. He will be gone from Sunday afternoon until probably Wednesday. I am not looking forward to the time apart, but it will be a good opportunity for him to help my dad finish the job much faster (and hopefully he will get a lot of homework done during the 8 hour drive). Then when all the parts come in, they will go back to fix whatever isn't working right in February. He will be gone for a whole week that time.

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