Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Food and other fun stuff

So yesterday it actually snowed here. Not for very long, of course, but it was still snow. I just wanted to share that with everyone! And I heard someone saying that a few years ago there was only one day of rain the entire year, so this year we have totally beat that out of the water. I keep meaning to watch the news on the internet after a rainstorm so I know what the precip total is for the year, but I keep forgetting. Sometimes I wish we had cable!

Tonight we made fajitas for dinner. Brady pounded and rubbed the chicken with kickin' chicken seasoning and then grilled it. I sliced green, orange, and yellow peppers and sauteed them in dried minced onions, Mrs. Dash, and some nonstick spray. Man oh man, those were the best fajitas I have ever had, at least homemade! And it was so easy and fast to put together. The kids loved eating the peppers, and tonight Zenock actually finished before Ammon. I owe a huge thanks to our friends and old neighbors, the Rankins, for introducing us to this awesome seasoning. We use it all the time...especially since we have figured out how to grill chicken evenly and still keep the moisture in. I love grilling during the winter!!

We had a great day today, and tomorrow should be good too. Ammon is excited about preschool tomorrow because it is show-and-tell day. He is taking his material handler toy Santa brought him for Christmas this year. Brady asked him why he wants to take that toy and he said, "because I have been asking for a material handler for a year and I finally got one!" He's so funny! I hope it is warmer outside than today so we can do some more bikeriding or something. Sometimes I wish we lived in a regular house so we could ride around the block...maybe later this year, who knows?

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