Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Found more free fun

Last night we were a little bored, so Brady got on the computer to find some more free stuff to do here. And then we went for a drive down to the Strip after dinner. He took us to Caesar's Palace and after walking for what seemed like forever (especially to Zenock) we found a really cool aquarium with several Mr. Ray's and Dori's and other fish. The kids loved it. We saw several fountains with cool statues, and a few of those have water/light shows at the top of the hour. We missed the shows, but the water was still fun. Brady let the boys throw some pennies into one of the fountains, and they loved that. But I forgot the camera. So use your wild imaginations for how cool it looked. We also found an escalator that went up and down in a circle. I think we rode it twice. It was nice to get out and about, but it would have been better had I kept the umbrella stroller. Zencok complains about walking a lot, and he's really slow. I am very grateful he has decided that rides on Daddy's shoulders are now fun instead of scary. It was much faster and easier that way. Free stuff is really fun!

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