Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer is here!

The last month has been eventful. The weather has turned HOT, so we go swimming often at Brady's mom's house. The boys love it. I like it when the pool is heated and it's not too windy outside.

Ammon and Zenock's first day of preschool together. They are in the same 2 classes, an art class and a science class. Last week they learned about rainbows and frogs and volcanos. I love to have 1 1/2 hours to myself twice a week, and they love to learn. So it works well for all of us!

We have discovered local sray parks throughout the area. This is a picture of me showing the boys how to run under the water. It was SO COLD!! And the wind was really bad that day, so I was freezing after this.

I made these aprons out of a pair of old jeans. Mine is one leg, and the boys' are made out of the other leg. Zz's is a little short, but he loves it. His is Thomas, and Ammon's is planets. He was excited about the saturn/jupiter pocket.

Cleaning up his rock mess. What a helper!

Playing in the water, before it started to get too hot to play outside.

Zz put his shorts on by himself. Is there something wrong with this picture? He sure had a hard time walking!

More spray park.

Zenock sitting on the water.

I LOVE this picture!!

Boys got to go camping with Dad by Red Rock Canyon. They loved it...but Brady was so glad to get home. It's hard to do stuff with kids but without the other half.

Zz in the tent.

Filling up the pool.

Blowing bubbles in the water with a straw.

This is a dump truck wash, they tell me.

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