Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bargain hunting

Bargain #1: So Ammon needed a few more clothes and pj's to get him all ready for the colder weather. I had a coupon for 20% off my total purchase at the Oshgosh Outlet, so he got some shirts for less than $5 and two pairs of really nice jeans for $8 each. Holy cow...I cannot believe I got such high quality clothes for Walmart prices! Then I found a website called that had a sale on flannel pj pants; I'm talking $3 each. I can't make a pair of pants for that price. Not to mention that Walmart wants $5 or more for pj/sweat pants. So including shipping I still saved a couple of dollars that I would have spent at Walmart.

Bargain #2: Last night I was browsing the last of the Halloween stuff at Walmart when they said over the speaker that all Halloween stuff is 75% off. So we totally scored! I got 3 costumes each for the boys and found a vampire one for Brady too for $6. All together I spent as much on 7 costumes as I would have on one. And the best part is I don't have to think about Halloween costumes for the next couple of years! I just couldn't pass up costumes for $3 and $4 each. There's no way I can make them for that cheap. Zenock got a Bumblebee, Ninja, and Toothless costume. Ammon got an astronaut, Optimus Prime, and Monstrous Nightmare (another dragon from "How to train your dragon").

This morning they are so excited about trying on all their costumes. It honestly sounds like Christmas around here....I LOVE IT! I have heard every exclaim of excitement this morning: "We have the best mommy because she got us the costumes we wanted!" and "Ammon is my best brother and my best friend" and "Yeah, Zenock just like on Dinosaur Train when Buddy and Don are best brothers and best friends. What are you going to try on first?" I think I am going to have to make a dress-up bucket or designate a suitcase for the cause so they have a place for all their costumes and can have some fun. Zenock REALLY likes to dress up, and now that Ammon has some of his own he has gotten in the spirit too. Too bad we don't have any princesses around here to join in the fun!

*I should also mention they are watching Transformers in their Transformer costumes. It's so cute!*

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