Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving and Baby

So, first of all, Thanksgiving turned out to be pretty good. Brady did come straight from work to eat some turkey dinner with us at his mom's house, and we got to spend a couple of hours together before he had to go to sleep. My pies turned out absolutely delicious, even though they weren't the prettiest things. There ended up being less people come to dinner than was planned on, so I took home a ton of pie and it possible to get sick of homemade pie for breakfast? I guess I'll find out soon enough!

We finally decorated the tree Friday morning, much to the kids delight, and I put up the rest of my decorations too. Christmas is alive and well at our house! I survived Black Friday with flying colors. I got some excellent deals, and Ammon is going to LOVE his bike. It was totally worth loitering in Walmart for 2 hours before the sale and standing in line to check out for 1 1/2 hours. I wasn't even that tired during the day, and even survived without a nap! Every year I ask myself why I do this. Every year I say I won't do it next year. In fact, I remember specifically getting the Christmas shopping done early because I knew I would be too tired and pregnant to go this year. YEAH RIGHT!

On that note, (I might just curse myself by admitting this out loud) I have had the best pregnancy so far. The sickness went away at 20 weeks on the dot, I have had very little back pain, the heartburn is managable, and I am not sleeping with extra pillows yet. I remember that with both previous pregnancies I was almost miserable by this point (I am 32 weeks now) and loosing sleep like crazy because I was so uncomfortable. I had pillows galore, so much so that I felt bad for Brady because there wasn't much room for him in the bed with me and my pillow possie. But this pregnancy has been so different. Really the only issues I am having are sore feet and sore hips. I get stiff a lot, and quickly, just sitting for a short time, but it gets worked out as I walk around. We still haven't decided on a name for sure yet. I guess we should decide pretty soon because there isn't much time left. I also need to find a crib for the kid before he gets here. I guess I should be checking craigslist this week to see what's out there. After we get the crib we should be all set for his arrival. I am so excited to see what he looks like. I love to feel him moving and beating me up inside when he is awake. The boys ask me all the time if the baby is awake and moving because they like to feel him too. I love that they have already started to bond with him.

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