Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers and cute boys

All last week my boys kept asking me if I saw what was in their backpacks or under their beds. I said no every time. A couple of days ago I walked in to check on Zenock and he quickly threw a paper under his bed, then said, "Did you see what that was?" Um, no I didn't. Then he asked me several times a day when Mother's day was. First thing this morning when I got up, I was surrounded by two boys with arms full of things for me. Zenock made a MOM sign at preschool with each letter decorated differently. Ammon gave me a crown that said Queen Mom, a paper with some of his adorable first grade drawings and a few sentences on what he loved about me, and a paper puppet with some coupons stapled to it that I can redeem whenever I want. At Church today the kids made a magnet with their picture and what they loved about their mothers. My favorite was, "I love it when you take me to Walmart."

Gideon survived all three hours of Church quite well today. Last week was his first trial run in nursery, and he hardly noticed I was there in the room with him. This week he did excellent as well, until the last 5 minutes of singing time. I took him into Relief Society with me, and he was pretty content to play with another little girl who is just a month younger. But had the drive home from church been two minutes longer I am sure he would have fallen asleep in the car.  That boy was soooooo tired when we got home. For the last couple of weeks he has been in transition mode for going from 2 naps to one nap a day. It's still a work in progress. I hope we have it figured out by the time the baby comes on the 22nd.

Lastly, Mom, this video is for you. Thanks for being a wonderful Mom to me! Dad, thanks for being such a good example of how to love a Mother. I hope I can teach my kids by example as well as you both have taught me. I love you!!!

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