Monday, May 21, 2012

My recent projects

Carseat tent to keep the sun/heat/wind off the baby

Wipes/diaper case. I used the one my sister made for Gideon as a template and just went with it. It turned out really well, and I have made a few more since for friends who are having babies soon too. This will help us keep the right diapers straight for each kid since they will both be in diapers for another year or more.

 3-6 month dress I made that I think is actually almost a 12 month size. I wish pattern companies would get their sizing more accurate! It's a cute dress and an easy pattern to put together, but I will never use this kind of fabric again! It was horrible to keep from puckering and moving!

A floor cushion I made for a friend's boy's birthday last month.

Zenock's floor cushion. They are filled with bean bag beans, but I might switch to foam or add some fiberfill stuff in there just to help it keep some shape longer. The beans get squished fast.

Ammon modeling his cushion. His favorite thing is to use it for a pillow and eat treats while watching a movie.

I used freezer paper to make a gallery template so that all the pictures were hung equally spaced from one another and the nails were put in the right spot to keep everything straight. The hole is for Ayla's picture. I just bought the frame, so now it's on the wall waiting to be filled with some pink fluff! On the right side I also added a vinyl quote from a Primary song. I stuck it right on the wall. I haven't taken a picture yet, because the wall isn't complete without that cute picture up, so you'll have to use your imagination!

Vinyl on a piece of tile from my kitchen floor. I made this for the ward auction to help raise money for Boy Scout camp and Young Women's camp this year.

A baby blanket I also made for the auction from some scraps I had. I love shopping in the reminant bin at Joann's! I have saved so much money doing that, especially since it helps me have more pieces on hand for last minute projects for birthdays and baby showers.


Melonie said...

You sure have been busy! Isaac loves his pillow bean bag. He was hitting Caleb with it tonight actually... ;) Soo excited to meet your little girl!

Mikki said...

You've been rocking your sewing machine!! These are all awesome. I really love those bean bags!!!
Can't wait to meet Ayla!