Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Swimming at the Rec Center

We headed to the pool today to cool off. But this time it was really cloudy and humid and the temps were only in the low 90's instead of 110. It still felt nice to get in the water. We all had a fun time. Ayla spent the afternoon snoozing in the stroller. We were only able to stay at the pool for about an hour before it closed due to lightning in the area. I really wish all that weather would have been more intense than just a tiny sprinke here and there. We need the rain, and the van could use a good virgin run with puddle splashing.

Ammon coming down the fast slide.

Gideon walking in the water with Daddy. He took the time to stop and look at every plane that flew over us. It make me think of the parts in "Up" when the dogs stop everything because of a squirrel.

Jumping in the deeper pool

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