Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

For my birthday, we had a great two days hanging out on the Strip, enjoying the sites, a show with our friends, and some quality time without the kids clamoring for our attention. In all honesty, I was just happy that someone else had to get up with Ayla and Gideon in the middle of the night. Thank you to my little sister, Abby, for flying down here to spend the weekend with us and watch the kids while we were gone overnight. Having that small break helped my mom batteries get recharged.

Lobby of the Wynn

McLaren at the Cystals at City Center.

Botanical Garden display at Bellagio

Botanical Garden display at Bellagio

Our friends, the Wades, joined us for Recycled Percussion at the Quad Hotel. They showed us their instruments of choice for the show.

These are the instruments we picked. I loved my oxygen tank :) We beat on them with drumsticks throughout the show. It was pretty awesome.

They had a killer entrance....horizontal and then moving upside down while drumming on those fancy 55 gallon drums, hubcaps, and other miscellaneous junk.

They split open a van and played inside

Brady and Jordan got to go onstage. They really got their monkey on...the video is hilarious. Can you guess which one couldn't see? He was so funny. I didn't get much video of him because I was to busy rooting for Brady....but the whole experience was a blast. Our tickets were on the front row! Gotta love sweet ticket deals on Craigslist.

Checking out the nightlife along some of the Strip...I'm so glad we don't "party"....yuck!

One of the world's tallest ferris wheels is being built here. A few weeks ago there were only three spokes attatched, and now it's almost complete.

Waterfall outside the Crystals shops at City Center

Aria Hotel lobby

Coca Cola store was really fun!

We bought the sample of Tastes Around the World. It came with 16 different soda flavors popular from all parts of the world. I think we like 4 or 5 out of the 16. The white one on the far right of Brady's tray was called Beverly from Italy. Oh my was so disgusting. I could taste if for about 20 minutes after just one swallow. Brady couldn't even swallow it, he had to spit it out in another cup. We liked pina colada, apple, mint, black cherry, and two red ones. We had a few of the drinks not carbonated which was a little weird to call it soda and not be bubbly.


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