Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Recently with my little tribe...

Peekaboo!! Playing in the cooler is so fun!

Lunch time was too close to naptime this day. Oops. She slept through getting her hands washed off and only complained for a second when I was washing her face. As soon as I picked her up she was back asleep on my shoulder.

Ayla begged to get up on the chair with Zenock so she could play with the fuzzy blanket too. Fuzzy anything, whether it's alive or not, is her very favorite!

Eating lunch in a booster at Lucille's BBQ. I just might like them better than Famous Dave's...but I might have to eat at each restaurant again before I make my final decision :)

The only way to eat a whole hot dog is to have seconds and thirds of ketchup. Or, I could let him skip the middle man and just have ketchup for lunch. I think that would make a picky eater's day, don't you?