Saturday, September 14, 2013

Some fun things and funny kids

Looking cute for church two weeks ago.

A bunch of friends got together for a bike race last Saturday. The kids thought it was pretty awesome, and I know all the families had lots of fun too. We ended up playing at the park for almost two hours. Gideon and Ayla were having such a great time!

We even had a popsicle break after the official race was over.

He loved playing in the "bus"...really a covered wagon.

Ayla was taste testing some rocks and sand by our house. Everyone was so dirty.

Daddy was reading a book to Gideon at the Dr's office, and Ayla noticed she was being left out. She begged to get up on Brady's lap to look at the book's so sweet!

I've started walking in the mornings again with my friend Sam. We trap our kids in the strollers and have some fun chatting for a while...until the little natives get restless. The weather was pretty cool a few days last week, so we walked one day outside at Duck Creek. This is the view from the balcony of the Wetlands Nature Center.

Another funny thing I want to record for posterity happened today. I had finished sewing Zenock's costume pants for his Luke Skywalker costume this year. I just made simple white pants. I showed them to him this morning so he could try them on. He walked around and told everyone, "Look, I look like I'm going to the temple." I just about died laughing...and I got warm fuzzies all that the same time. He just happened to be wearing a white pajama shirt as well, so he really was all dressed in white. And, as coincidences go, we went to the temple this afternoon after Brady got off work. What a great Saturday.

On another note, thank you again a million times to my parents for getting me a carpet cleaner for my birthday last year. I had to use it today to shampoo my van out because Zenock puked in it Friday night, and after baking soda and vinegar everywhere I still couldn't get the smell out. I'm hoping that after the seats and floor dry by morning and the smell is gone. Kids!!!!

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