Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Brady's mom has a bunch of singing animals. The little kids went nuts playing with all of them. Gid had a goal to keep all of them moving at the same time, so I kept pushing buttons for a while. We did a white elephant game, had some awesome pizza, opened gifts from each other, and played with the cousins!

a can of nuts!

Pearl bead thingys. We also came home with popcorn, soap, gladware bowls, and something else...I forgot.

Gideon played with the camera, insisting he take my picture. I had no idea Brady got in there too

Ayla cuddling her new pillow pet from Great Grandparents. Zenock and Gideon got sleeping bag/blanket/pillow things, and Ammon got a brain teaser puzzle set. From Grammy and Jerry the boys got gift cards to the rec center and Ayla got a cute pink jumper set. All the adult couples got a Food Saver!! I am so thrilled to use it...and I expect to use it so much I wear it out in the many years to come. We had a really fun time hanging out with Brady's family!

Christmas jammies for everyone!

Kids opening Christmas jammies, then the Nativity story in Luke, a bedtime story, "The Christmas Carol" and off to bed with all of them :)

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