Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New year! **UPDATED**

Brady had to work a very long 14 hour shift so the rest of us partied at my friends house with her family of 5 boys. While there Zenock pulled out his first loose tooth. Another tooth will probably fall out tomorrow too! Then he'll have all 4 front teeth gone at once.
 The story about the older boys staying up until midnight: I knew Gideon wouldn't go to sleep unless his brothers were in bed like normal. So I told them they had to wait until he was asleep before they could come out and stay up with me. I kid you not, five minutes later Zenock comes running out excitedly saying Gideon's eyes were closing and he wasn't moving. So he proceeded to beg to stay up until midnight so he could see the new year. I caved. Ammon fell asleep the same time as Gideon...but I told him if that happens then I would wake him up just before midnight so he wouldn't miss it. At 11:45pm Zenock couldn't stay awake any longer. At 11:55 I woke up Ammon and he said he was too exhausted from playing so much today so he didn't want to get out of bed. The next morning I told him about it and he was surprised he said anything because he didn't remember me waking him up at all. Zenock was really bummed he fell asleep right before midnight. Although I didn't get to spend my night watching the movie I was planning on, it was still fun to watch Tarzan and Jane with Zenock and just hang out with everyone else was sleeping.
 During New Year's dinner with our friends and the missionaries, Zenock informed all of us that he ate his tooth. I knew that was going to happen because it was SO loose last night, but he refused to let me pull it out. The tooth fairy left him a note saying that she thought it was gross that he ate his tooth. He was happy he still got a quarter even though there was no tooth for her. He now has all four front teeth missing and he has a lisp...it's adorable.

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