Sunday, December 22, 2013

Random things before Christmas

Zonked out mid bite of grilled cheese.

Ammon's first big school project. He did a poster on a landmark, Craters of the Moon. He was so thrilled to find out it was in Idaho. I tried to help him be more crafty, but he wanted to do it this way...which is fine by me. He did most of the work by himself.

Trying out Daddy's finger guards for his bow.

Ammon took an archery class this fall instead of doing soccer. He loved it, and shot pretty good for his first time! The above is getting ready for the class, and below is the final shoot.

We drove to a neighborhood in Henderson that had almost the whole street decorated for Christmas. They had a Disney theme going and each house had different painted stories. I remember Alice in Wonderland, Nemo, Princesses, Mickey, Shrek, Charlie Brown, and some more that I can't remember now. Santa and Mrs. Claus were there hanging out on the sidewalk. Zenock was the only one that would get out of the car to go say hello to them. We are definitely making Quiver Point a frequent stop next year.

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