Saturday, March 22, 2014

Date number 6!

We checked off my bucket list and went to my first music concert last night. It was really fun, and REALLY loud! Half way through Brady went in search of ear plugs, finding some at the info desk at the front of the event center. Apparently they have enough for everyone, all you have to do is ask for some. Next time we'll be sure to ask for some right when we get there so we can enjoy the whole concert. We saw Kasey Musgraves, Kip Moore, and Lady Antebellum. Kip didn't have great show skills, in my opinion, but his songs were pretty good. Kasey was amazing, and so was Lady A. I have really come to love country music in the last couple of years because most of it is clean, and about real life...unlike a lot of new pop songs out now. We had such a great time singing along to the songs together. We also enjoyed PF Changs for dinner before....sooooo good! I've only eaten there twice, each time was amazing!
Kacey Musgraves
Kip Moore
Lady Antebellum 
Here Hilary was singing with a 6 year old girl who knew all the words to the song. It was so sweet. Above is her down in the audience, below is what it looked like on the big screen. 

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