Thursday, November 20, 2014

Craft fair

 I made a bunch of stuff for a craft fair last week. Business was really slow, for everyone. However, I have been able to sell more things since then. I love it when people come Christmas shopping at my house!
 18" doll bedding sets
 Twin space quilt
 Baby boy quilt
 Mason jar banks
 18" doll bed
 2x6 set of blocks
 Frozen inspired necklaces
 Pallet wood sign
 16x16 nativity tiles
 Embroidered baby wrap. I made one for me too, and I am so excited to use it when this little nameless dude comes in 11 weeks!
 Above and below are all pillow cases. I also made some sugar body scrubs with essential oils, a Frozen inspired shirt, and some Avengers magnet sets since boys don't wear necklaces. Crafting is such a fun use of my time. I just love it. Thanks, Mom, for sharing your crafting and sewing DNA with me!!

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