Thursday, November 6, 2014

Phone photo barf

 When I came home from taking Gid to school yesterday this is how I found Ayla. She was very comfortable on the bean bag watching a movie. I scooted her back so that she wouldn't hurt her neck, and thankfully she didn't mind.
 Gideon's homework over the weekend was to disguise a turkey so he wouldn't get eaten on Thanksgiving. I asked him if we could make the turkey into an Olaf. He loved that idea. I cut out the felt and he glued it on to his heart's content. I did the hair, face, arms, and buttons. He added two more buttons and colored his feet. He was so excited to take his turkey to school yesterday.
 Gideon insisted on bagels and cream cheese for dinner on Monday. I convinced them both to add an apple to the menu. They both loved having this for dinner.
 A christmas present I made from another leftover board. I like this stain much better, and I love the green vinyl!
 Gideon was playing with Ammon's shin guards and cleats. Notice that he put them all on himself...upside down. He was SO proud to be wearing Ammon's stuff. When it was time for bed he asked me very nicely to not move them from the couch so he could play with them the next morning.
 A sign I made from leftover fencing board. The stain is very grey...I'm not sure if I like it, but it works well with the black vinyl.
 While Ammon was at a birthday party I took Zenock out for ice cream. He LOVED it
 Gideon being very particular about dipping his marshmallows in glue and putting them on this ghost paper during the nursery halloween party.
A bunny I saw while walking the trails at the wetlands last week

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