Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hidalgo County Courthouse in Lordsburg, NM

From Brady's adventures Thursday:

I have decided to document a few aspects of my travels. Mostly the ones that speak to my soul on some level. Not kitschy Americana or antiques, but historical evidence that there really was a time when American exceptionalism was a way of life. The places and things that prove without it, and what those brave men and women did in the face of overwhelming odds of failure, this country never would have become what it was, and that with more of that grit, it might again someday. Some of it will likely be a little lighthearted, but much of it will have a serious note. Probably most of it will have a little of both. I hope you enjoy my journey to discover what it means to be an American historically, and what it can mean for the America we live in today.

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