Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thoughts from Brady

He posted this on facebook, and I thought it was really good insight, so I wanted to share here too.

For the last several weeks it has been on my mind, that something about small towns makes me love America again. The news and the mainstream media are filled with everything wrong with us, from school shootings to the Kardashians. Bring inundated with it so constantly had really made me dislike the decadence our nation is falling into.

But today I figured it out. Those things don't change the real America where people remember who and what makes this country great, where they honor real heroes who do things worthy of emulation and reverence. I saw this jet from the other side of the valley, so I had to stop. It helps that I drove by a stake center on my way to it. You can kinda see it behind the POW-MIA flag. A town of less than 3000 and it has a stake center and a better veteran's memorial than anywhere I've seen in Vegas. And every town I've been to the last 2 months has been like this. I'll make sure to snap a picture if the memorial park in Clifton next time I'm there.


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