Sunday, March 29, 2015

Early Easter

 We did Easter a week early this year because I wanted Brady to wear his new tie to church today since he was singing with the choir for the Easter program. We loaded up on books for the kids this year instead of candy. They didn't seem to mind the lack of junk food.

 This little one was very excited for her Frozen stuff. She loves her new water bottle and book the most. She pulled out her dress and said very excitedly, "Dress!!" It was quite adorable.
 I love that I can buy matching ties for every boy in our family!! Today's Easter program was so amazing. Brady sung in a quartet for one of the numbers. It was so beautiful. The Easter and Christmas Sacrament Meeting programs are my very favorite Sunday's of the year.
 I felt a little bad for taking a picture of him while he was so upset. I just had to document his cute Easter outfit today before he barfed all over it at church....which didn't happen, amazingly enough ;)

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Lifes Little Adventures said...

Happy Easter you guys! That littlest man of yours is a doll, he has a beautiful sister and some handsome brothers! I guess that makes you one good looking family! <3 you guys!