Saturday, March 7, 2015

Free day at the Lion Habitat Ranch

In honor of the baby giraffe's first birthday, the Lion Habitat Ranch offered free admission. Zenock took a field trip here earlier in the year and loved it. We thought Ayla would really like the giraffe....and we were not disappointed in that idea. Before we got to the giraffe a large male lion was growling at everyone as they walked by. It scared Ayla so much that she insisted on being carried and didn't stop crying until we saw the giraffe. Brady said she was also refusing to look at anything except for his neck. After seeing the giraffe she returned to her normal self. This was a fun family activity!! I am also really glad I had the idea yesterday to make her a giraffe shirt with tshirt vinyl. She's going to love it.
Some fun facts: lions in the wild live for about 10 years. Lions in captivity live 18-20 years. We saw a male who is currently 16 years old. He looked his age too, gray and tired. The baby lion we saw was part of a litter of three. Two of the litter were sick with heart conditions and the mother could sense something was wrong with them so she rejected the whole litter. The two sick cubs did pass away, but the baby down below is as healthy as ever. He is 23 weeks old and being raised by the ranch. It was cute watching him play with a trash can. I think he is just about the same size as my sister's dog, Pepper.

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