Friday, March 27, 2015

No rhyme or reason, just lots of photos

 Ammon's bridge he and his teammate made in GATE class. He's pretty proud of it, but bummed that the judge didn't select his to go into the contest at UNLV a few weeks ago.
 Helping me make smoothies by holding Rydon. He looks pretty worried to be with Zz :)
Brady made, with much supervision, homemade 7up biscuits and homemade sausage gravy for dinner. It was so delicious!!! I made the spinach apple berry smoothie, a perfect compliment to dinner. Everyone except Gid and Ayla loved it. They just drank their smoothies and complained about the rest.

 Rydon's St. Patrick's shirt. His footprint was the stem, and I swirled large circles for the leaves.
 Modeling his astronaut vest from preschool
 It was so helpful to have Ammon holding Rydon so I could quickly make dinner.
 Actually eating her food. Such a rarity with this two year old.

 I made her a giraffe shirt, and the elephant one below too. She loves them.
 Driving the stroller up and down the stairs. Over and over and over.
 Running like hooligans during the cub scout activity, at which Zenock earned his bobcat badge....and I don't have a photo of that.

Fell asleep during tummy time

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