Monday, May 25, 2015

birthday fun

 The pictures mostly loaded up backwards. So I guess we start with her fun friend party at the splash park on Saturday morning. The Wilson and Hedden families came to celebrate with us. I made Olaf cupcakes and we had some yummy watermelon. The big kids spent some time playing football and twister. The little kids ran around like crazy, screeching when they got wet. Everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you, Wilson family, for her first dress-up clothes. She loves the fairy dress and the princess shoes. She wears them everywhere including nap time.
 Thank you, Hedden family, for the really cute peek-a-boo kitty, bag, bubbles, and chalk. She hasn't tried to eat the chalk yet :) She takes the kitty and the bag everywhere and gets upset when Gideon tries to take a turn with the kitty.

 Thank you, Winco, for coming through with bulk candy so I could make some decent Olaf noses.
 Here we are to Friday night, her birthday.
 When the bag was peeled down to show the castle and stable she shouted, "OOOOOOH!!" It was so cute!
 Playing with the bus and the chariot of blocks

 Two cute outfits from Grammy and Jerry!
One thing I didn't get a photo of was her opening the present from my parents. Mom embroidered an elephant on a new bath towel for her. She thought it was pretty neat. She has already claimed the towel and dragged it all over the house cuddling with it. For some reason she does this with towels instead of blankets.
 A playhouse!!!
 And a small castle to take with her to grandma's house!
 Discovering it makes noise!
 Gotta get IN the bag to get to the fun stuff at the bottom.
 I have been collecting Little People sets from yard sales for quite a while now so she could build up a good collection of them. She got a bus, chariot with building blocks, house, big castle, small castle that fits a few figures for travel, horse stable, and most of the people and accessories to go with them. They are all in great shape. I enlisted my sons to help clean everything up nice for her a few day before her birthday. She loves playing with everything so much. Gideon also joins in on the fun. He loves to watch the horses gallop down the stable slides. I will get a video of that soon because describing it just doesn't make much sense. Ayla already has a favorite black horse.
 Opening her birthday card from Grandparents Lindsay.
The "baby bug" cake as she says. She loved it. It tasted delicious! It turned out mostly as I was thinking about it in my head one night last week when I couldn't sleep.

Now that birthday fun is over, the next task for this cute girl is potty training. When we get back from Shriner's it is the priority on the list of summer activities. Woohoo.

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