Monday, May 4, 2015

The cleft surgery was unsuccessful

Dr. Menezes is supposed to be the best plastic surgeon in the valley. He is the only one here that does cleft lip and palate repairs. And he screwed up Rydon's lip, royally. It looked like he put in only one stitch, but there may have been two put in the bottom of his upper lip. The rest of the skin was super glued together all the way to his nose. Sometime Saturday during the night he pulled the stitch out. Because there was no longer anything to hold the tension of the skin and glue together to heal it began coming undone. By Sunday night it was very obvious. I called the on-call dr in Menezes' office. He told me not to worry because babies tear their stitches out all the time and so they will just fix it later at his next surgery in June. The next morning I made an appointment and firmly requested to be first in line after lunch so I could get home in time for kids to get home from school. I had to get a babysitter for Ayla at the last minute and ask a neighbor to also take Gideon to school. Talk about HIGHLY INCONVENIENT!! I am so very thankful for a wonderful neighbor who home schools her kids so that her daughter could come over and she had time to take Gideon to school.

Dr. Menezes told me Monday that this situation happens often...when after the surgery he said it rarely happens. He said he will repair the whole lip in June instead of just touching up was was done on Friday and then working on his nostril formation and a couple of other things. Both Brady and I asked him THREE times about getting arm restraints for him because we were both concerned about Rydon ripping his stitches out since he has his hand in his mouth all the time. The dr said it wasn't necessary all three times because babies rarely tear their stitches out.

(This is being written on the 14th, a full two weeks after the surgery)
My dad called me later in the week, I can't remember if it was Tuesday or Wednesday and told me I need to stick up for my kid because the doctor works for me, not the other way around. Everything he said echoed in my mind to what I had already been thinking through this whole ordeal. Talking to him that morning made me mad all over again and I started bawling like a baby. I was so embarrassed to be crying on the phone to my dad. I am sure he didn't mind though. I remember feeling like I wanted to punch the doctor in the face and make him fix Rydon immediately. Brady still wants to submit a bill to the doctor for his lost wages on Friday because he had to take the entire day off, which was his overtime day...the one day a week that makes the whole job in Primm worth it. In any case, I am not sure if we can sue the doctor and since we cannot afford to pay for a lawyer if we lose, we are not going to follow through with that idea. On Friday, June 5th we are driving to LA to see a cleft plastic surgeon at Shriner's Hospital. From the suggestions I have had from people all over the pace about this issue, most of them have told us to go check out Shriner's. The other option we have is Primary Children's in SLC.

The bill came in the mail. It doesn't even include the surgeon's fee.  RIDICULOUS for 2.5 hours in the hospital! 

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