Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Today wasn't relaxing in any way, well...except for watching the last 15 minutes of Star Wars, but it was nice. Because it took so long yesterday to shop for a garage door opener replacement (ours broke Friday night, and I didn't want to pay for new parts, shipping, and wait over a week to get them so we just bought a new opener) Brady installed it today so I didn't have to wait until next Saturday to park the van in the garage.

Brady gave me a Mother's necklace. It's something I have been wanting since we started having kids ten years ago, but it was unrealistic to purchase such a piece of jewelery until our family was complete. This is perhaps the most unique styles I have ever seen. I love it so much!
Thank you, wonderful husband, for taking care of me and doing things you would rather not in order to make my life more convenient. Thank you for having most of the tools you need when such last minute projects come up. And thanks for being willing to check off things on the "honey-do list."

The older boys made these in Primary today. I just loved reading their answers.
 Ammon's paper. Crafting....the kids know what mommy loves to do with my spare time!
 Zenock's paper. I love the "soing"...sewing and "woshing moves"....watching movies.

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