Friday, June 19, 2015

Fun Summer Preschool Class for Gideon and Ayla

An email about their day from the teacher:
I wasn't too sure how my shy friend Gideon would do?! But the minute he walked in a little guy here came over and told him he likes boys not girls. :O) This little guy hung near Gideon most the day. Gideon didn't say a lot but he was smiling and happy doing all the activities. Ayla was cute and sat on my lap during their music time. She told me she wanted food right after they got here. :O) She was excited for snack time but she did everything else too. :O) She loved having a spray bottle and spraying the tortoise…who also loved to be sprayed. They were great and seemed pretty comfortable the whole time. :O) Thanks for bringing them. (I know Gideon is one that needs to be warned … so trying to get him to rush over Wed. was not going to work out but I'm glad he was willing today. :O))

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