Friday, June 5, 2015

Plastic surgery consult at Shriners in LA

We met with Dr. Howell, the plastic surgeon at Shriners, who will fix Rydon's lip and palate this year. She is much more approachable and communicative than Dr. Menezes. She told us she will fix his lip in July, at her next available surgery date. We will meet with the anesthesiologist on a Monday, have surgery Tuesday, and do a check-up with Dr. Howell on Wednesday before we go home. Then the next Friday we have to go back for another check-up, and again a month later when she removes the nasal stint he will have to help shape his nostril and nasal cavity. She told us the initial lip repair will take about two and a half hours. We are planning to make a small vacation out of it by going to CA on the Saturday before, visiting friends there, going to the beach, and probably the LA Zoo as well. Honestly, I just want this all over with so he can have a regular mouth. I am getting tired of waiting and waiting. We ended up being at Shriners Hospital for almost three hours because of paper and computer forms, doctor visit, and waiting for our turn. After we left the hospital we went to lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp, just inside Universal Studios Universal City Walk. It was really, really, really good!!! I love seafood so much. After lunch we went home. A stop in Baker, CA for dinner required a visit to the Alien Jerky Store. We got Abducted Cow, honey teriyaki, and sweet and hot flavors to try. We brought the kids some freeze dried ice cream flavors. 

Here is my facebook post about the day:
Tonight I am so thankful for good doctors who communicate treatment plans well, family to watch the older kids for us so we could take care of our baby (thank you a million times! ), a very fun time with Brady (my very favorite person ever! ) and finally to be back home. We start a whirlwind of trips back to LA next month. Thank goodness for summer vacation!

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