Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Next surgery date

Last night, after all of my children were in their beds I had a few moments to reflect on my day. My mind was filled with wonder, stress, happiness, fear, and so many other emotions. Shriners Hospital in LA finally called me in the morning to give Rydon's cleft lip surgery date. We are going in very bright and early in the morning on July 7th. I have waited for this call since June 4th. I have waited for this surgery since October, when we saw the cleft on the ultrasound. This little boy's surgical journey has been in the back of my mind constantly since then. Some days I feel so much stress about the pending difficulty he will have because of the cleft lip surgery and the cleft palate not getting fixed until he is one year old. I feel so much happiness knowing that this first surgery is the beginning of the end. I know he is in very good hands with Dr. Howell and her team at Shriners. I am so grateful to have access to good medical care for our little boy, even if it is out of state. Rydon's face will be forever changed in two weeks.

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