Monday, July 6, 2015

Pre-op with Anesthesiology and the BEACH!

 The real reason we came to California was to take Rydon to Shriner's Hospital for his cleft lip surgery. We met with the anesthesiologist on Monday morning for a pre-op and then headed down to Torrance to stay with our friends, the May family, and go to the beach. It was the first time all of our children have seen the ocean. Zenock had his dream come true to be buried in the sand. When Ayla saw him, she tried to push him out of the way so she could get buried as well. She loved having her legs hiding and trying to find where her toes went. It smelled so good out there. Although the cloud cover was fairly heavy it was still nice to relax and let everyone play for a few hours. There are some really cute videos on my phone that I need to load onto youtube so I can share the link here. Keep checking back for that.

 A family picture, including the sleeping baby Rydon. Naps on the beach are awesome!

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