Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The super glue is off

Rydon's super glue came off this morning. I love how it looks. He is a mini Gideon. I also wanted to show what a bugger looks like when in his nasal stent. This is for my journaling to remember later, so if you think it's gross, sorry. The qtip on the left is his super glue, and the right one has the bugger. I have to dip qtips in hydrogen peroxide and gently clean his nose every day. He doesn't like having his nose messed with at all! The other pictures are from today as well. We went to the kids club at the mall where a clown does a show and  makes balloon things for the kids after. Everyone loved it, and Ayla had her first outing wearing panties and not having an accident. I think she just about has potty training down. It's been very long 7 weeks with that.

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