Thursday, July 16, 2015

Recent crafting

I made the names out of vinyl for my friend. She has a FHE assignment board and the tags have been empty for three years. I am excited to give these to her as a thank you gift for all she did to help us during Rydon's surgery last week.
 This is a clever accessory. It is a vinyl roll feeder. It really helps the vinyl stay lined up when cutting since the project was too long to use my cutting mat. I love this, and wish it would have been available sooner. Special thanks to my sister, who works at a vinyl warehouse, for saving this one for me! They have been out of stock for over a month, and more aren't coming in until sometime in August.
 These are so neat. There are several of Brady's co-workers who have requested hard hat stickers. They are fun to make. Top is Venom from Spiderman. The king pig, below, was perhaps the hardest one to create so far because all the pieces where individual due to the color change. I also had to figure out how to make him have black eyes.

 The Ironman is Brady's.
 Top is Denver Broncos NFL. Bottom is Arizona Diamnondbacks MLB

 These two are for Brady's step dad, Jerry. He does all the quality control for the solar frames they are building out in Primm. Top is San Fransisco Giants MLB. Bottom is Utah Jazz NBA.
Currently I am in the process of making Ayla a twin size quilt for her big girl bed. She loves Frozen characters and Minnie Mouse, so I am combining the two to make a strip quilt for her. I am taking it to Idaho in August to quilt myself!

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