Monday, October 26, 2015

9 months

I love his sweet smile. He has a smile for everyone. He has finally gotten on the growth chart at the doctor's office, at a whopping 4th percentile. That means 96 percent of the kids his age are bigger than him. He LOVES his bottle. Whenever he sees me coming with it he kicks his feet like crazy, and his face gets very animated. He is doing okay with solid food. It still comes out his nose, and he still makes a mess all over the place. The doctor said to just keep at it, but solid food isn't his food staple anyway, so it's okay to have it once a day and have formula the rest of the time. For him, solid food is about developing motor skills not getting calories. He has upgraded to an 8 oz size bottle because he drinks 5 oz of formula almost every feeding. 5 oz in a 5 oz bottle is hard to shake and hard to not spill while filling. With the special needs nipple the 8oz bottle is HUGE! I feel like I am feeding a calf not my baby. Rydon inchworm crawls like crazy. He can sit up from laying down all by himself all the time. He is starting to climb over larger things on the floor. I have also seen him try getting on his knees. I am sure in the next few weeks he will attempt standing next to furniture. He sure loves to explore the world around him. He would rather be playing on the floor than being held most of the time.

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